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Welcome to the Kelinci Series, in this posting we catch up with our gallivanting, intrepid traveller who finally phones home after a long hiatus. For those of you just joining this series, Kelinci is a fearless, world-traveller, who gets bored easily with the mundane, and thus spends his time globe-trotting while the rest of us hold down regular jobs and lives. He has a predisposition for popping up in various continents according to his liking & enjoys accommodating weather.

This time we see that Kelinci has made his way over to South America (rumor is by boat), and landed in Uruguay and Argentina.

Below, Kelinci has taken an affinity to the appealing Mendoza Wine region of Argentina and presumably imbibed till he couldn’t hop anymore.

The chief port, and capitol of Uruguay, Montevideo, finds itself hosting our guest for a few days. Full of vibrant life, art deco and neo-classical buildings, with a few punctuated skyscrapers, the 1.3M residents take pleasure in this off the radar, charming seaside city. Kelinci spoke highly of the chivitos, open markets, and the Tristan Narvaja street fair

Below we find Kelinci cautiously checking out Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires. Originally intended for only the wealthiest of Argentina (several presidents are actually buried here), once the cemetery opened for common people, you often found murderers buried next to the people they murdered.

You can view the entire Kelinci set here.

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March 9, 2012 at 4:15 pm

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  1. […] This time we catch a few moments of Kelinci rallying in South America, which he clearly displays some partiality for since he was just there last year. […]

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