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Welcome to the Kelinci Series, a photographic, travelling, essay featuring a free-loading miscreant known as Kelinci. Not one to be pinned down in an area for too long, we get sporadic updates and emails about his travels.  In this series we find Kelinci in Vienna, Austria.

Are we dreaming idly of what it must’ve been like in the 13th century to have the Mongols knocking on your door? No, perhaps instead we are daydreaming of stuffing our faces with Soviet Era Tea sandwiches at Trzesniewski. Or rather we would spend a lazy afternoon wandering the gardens at the Schönbrunn Palace. Seeing how we like to pig out, we could take a few double-scoops of some Vienna ice cream at Tichy.

You can view all the Kelinci photos here.

Written by kapshure

November 24, 2010 at 9:30 am

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  1. […] in this posting we catch up with our gallivanting, intrepid traveller who finally phones home after a long hiatus. For those of you just joining this series, Kelinci is a fearless, world-traveller, who gets bored […]

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