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This past weekend, along with our trip to Warehouse #6, plug1 and I made the leap into Pier 36; this area, along with a strip beginning at Pier 30 – 32, is slated to become a $15 million, 57,000 square foot park, sitting on a prime spot along the Embarcadero in the South Beach area.

This place had a certain air of creepiness to it, although we were there before 10am, it had the perfect preface for any good horror flick.

receipt rolls used to “roll” the interior — see the easter rabbit wind-sock?

at one point I turn to my left to see this face staring back at me. I won’t lie. I gasped. #$%W#*&(!! totally took me by surprise.

Written by kapshure

January 17, 2008 at 5:12 am

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