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Recently my friend decided that he would try his hand at some Urban Exploring, and decided to corral some of his friends into hopefully joining him. I admit. I was the first one to actively take the bait. Stepping a few feet back it is a questionable arguement (based on perspective) of the type of activities engaged herein. Innocuous? sure. Pernicious? not really. Risky? yep. Worth it? undoubtedly. Ramifications if discovered? hmmmm…

Before we begin, let me outline the agenda of these events moving forward; it’s quite simple and three-fold:

  1. Get secure and safe access
  2. take great photographs
  3. leave unnoticed and unscathed

The rise and development of certain urban zones (retail, shipping, financial, industrial) is always characterized by a few steadfast rules; one of these principles painstakingly calls out for the removal and eradication of defunct, unproductive, or process impeding objects and/or obstacles. What does this mean? These targets are very likely in the cross-hairs of local commercial developers looking to bolster areas of the city that have yet to be glossed over.

Thus.. I present:

“the UrbEx Series”

Written by kapshure

November 6, 2007 at 8:10 am

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