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Thank You for stopping by the 23rd installment of the “Kelinci Series” – an ongoing photographic journal of one lucky cotton-tailed miscreant, galavanting the globe while we live vicariously through his travels. Kelinci comes & goes off the grid as he chooses; our last update featured scenes from the southern end of South America & now we catch a glimpse of Kelinci in India.

Above we find our intrepid traveller taking a smoke break at Amber Fort in the city of Jaipur (aka the Pink City), located in the Indian state of Rajasthan.  The original Amber Fort was built in 1592, and then expanded on over the course of 150+ years.  The Fort has 4 impressive separate entries each with their own massive courtyards. With 68 million people residing in Rajasthan this makes it the largest of the 28 states.

Below, in Pushkar, we see Kelinci getting in the spirit for Holi Festival – an annual Full Moon celebration observed by thousands of Hindu’s. The earliest written record of the Holi Festival dates back to a 7th century Sanskrit drama.

Never able to sit still very long, Kelinci took off to the Southern portion of India towards Kerala.  Apparently he caught up with a relative of his and they enjoyed an afternoon of lounging in a boat as they drifted in the Kerala Backwaters .

We hope you enjoyed another episode of the Kelinci Series.

You can view the entire Kelinci Flickr set here.

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September 13, 2013 at 5:43 am

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