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We are delighted to have you joining us today in another installment of the Kelinci Series, a photographic journey where we attempt to check in with our favorite jet-setting cottontail as he leaves his zig-zagging, meandering tracks around the world.

Today we catch a glimpse of Kelinci soaking up the rays and lovely beaches of the Philippines. Purportedly after a hefty lunch, Kelinci took a stroll and  found himself face to face with a Philippine Tarsier.

These small nocturnal primates lead a relatively quite hidden life, and are very shy.

Above we see Kelinci finishing out his day, relaxing on Panglao Island. Stumbled upon by Spaniards in 1803, this Central Visayas Island has been found to contain more marine diversity than Japan and the Mediterranean Sea.

Kelinci in Bohol at the popular Chocolate Hills – which are limestone formations from coral reef deposits when Bohol was once submerged during the Ice Age. There are over 1700 of these mounds.

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April 26, 2012 at 8:04 am

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