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The oldest section of the Selma Live Oak Cemetery plot was originally purchased in 1829, while the newer portion was acquired in 1879. Here one can stroll beneath old Oak & Magnolia trees, dripping with Spanish Moss, whilst walking amongst plenty of graves that date back to the Civil War. “There is Glory in the Graves” reads an inscription on the Confederate monument that stands in the cemetery

The cemetery received its name in 1879 when Colonel Dawson brought in 80 Live Oaks and 80 Magnolia’s from Mobile, Alabama, to be planted.

After many years, 155 Civil War soldiers were moved from other cemeteries and placed in the Live Oak Cemetery. Currently over 8000 people have been laid to rest here.

Some famous Selmians have been buried here; the 13th Vice President Rufus King (seen below), Arthur Small (a minister who was killed in the Battle of Selma), and Elodie Todd Dawson (who was the half-sister of Mary Todd Lincoln – the half-sister of Abraham Lincoln)

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