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:: Last Scenes From Transbay Terminal ::

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This past Saturday night, August 7th, the last commuter line on AC Transit left the original (now closed) Transbay Terminal at 12:15am. I thought this would make a good opportunity to create a photo-archive of what could be considered, the end of a commuting era for San Francisco & the Bay Area in general. Even as of just recently this complex served as a hub for 6 various local transportation services, its heyday was in WWII when it served 26 million passengers annually.

In 1958 the train tracks that served the center were removed, and the Transbay Terminal was turned into a bus only commuter center.

Below, the AC transit driver, who’s name I think was Fred, gets ready to depart the terminal. It’s hard for me to tell how he felt about being the very last driver to leave this complex; an epicenter of commuter hectic frenzied citizens which once saw 10 car trains arrive every 63.5 seconds.

In 1993 the center started getting locked up at night to keep some 300+ homeless people from sleeping on the long wooden benches

This gentleman’s name is Lou, he used to live in San Francisco in the middle of last century, but has since been in Dublin, California for the past 40+ years.

This shoe shine station was originally ran by 2 guys for more than 60 years. It sat forgotten in the basement until recently it was brought back upstairs

The Terminal’s drunk tank

You can get more information here on the new Transbay Transit Center.

You can see more SF Transbay Terminal pics here.

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August 9, 2010 at 7:59 am

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