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:: Mark Ryden : Gay 90’s Olde Tyme Art Show ::

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I’ve been a fan of Mark Ryden since the late 90’s, and finally I got to see in person an opening night of his work go on display in the Chelsea district of NYC –  April 29th at the Paul Kasmin gallery. The title of this series is called “The Gay 90’s – Olde Tyme Art Showe” and below I have a few shots of my favorite pieces. Plus the show was packed and a lot of people had dressed up in “Olde Tyme” 1890-s garb. I should have taken some pictures, but I only focused on getting some photos of his work.

Mark Ryden got his start in Southern California where his first solo debut was in Pasadena in a series called “The Meat Show” – and through his weaving of cultural icons, alchemical references, religious allegories, and iconography, he creates a style that is uniquely childhood like, but surrealist, and chock full of pop references but with twisted (sometimes disturbing) imagery. Imagine if you will a psychedelic Jacques-Louis David (who I also admire) and maybe Sailor Moon or a doe-eyed Devil Martian playing a Saz .

I used to see Mark Ryden’s material in magazines in the city where I grew up. Publications such as Juxtapoz – who would often have ad’s from galleries in LA such as La Luz de Jesus. It was easy to get lithographs from them for a decent price, since there was no way I could ever afford a Mark Ryden original (at least not yet!).

Mark’s material gets shuffled into the Lowbrow Art movement aka Pop Surrealism, and I can certainly find several artists in that genre which I have grown to appreciate through early exposure to the style. Many of these artists are self-taught versus more traditional manners of going through art school, or apprenticing (which would be highbrow).

Flickr set here.

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May 13, 2010 at 8:40 pm

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