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time for another update from our spirited and venturous world traveler – Kelinci. It’s been several months since we last heard from our lil’ friend & for those of you who are just joining our program, we have an on-going running feature properly titled : Kelinci Series. A photo essay excursion about a smokin’, traveling rabbit that has a fondness for snow bunnies, exotic beaches, and sending me updates of his rabble-rousin’ around the world.

This particular set of photos comes to us from Barcelona, the capital of Spain. Barcelona, a bustling metro area of almost 5 million people, is situated on the coast of a country of which 77% of it’s population lives in urban areas, and is actually sister cities with Boston and Tel-Aviv (along with 20+ others)


here we see him not far from Sagrada Familia, checking out some locals. Sagrada Familia,  has been under construction since 1882, and isn’t expected to be finished till 2026.

Barcelona is not just Las Ramblas, and a few Gaudi houses – its a thriving port where food, art, music and people blend into a vibrant cultural epicenter.  With its vermuts, and cargols, to its enormous cache of art found above the normal eye-viewpoint level… well we gotta get a little low for Kelinci


Kelinci in front of Casa Batillo

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March 8, 2010 at 8:45 am

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