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Hasbro Entertainment marked today’s 60th anniversary, of the famous board game, CandyLand, by transforming 575 feet of tourist mecca Lombard Street into a life size Candyland board game. They put down 30,000 pieces of colored squares (which looks like jigsaw puzzle pieces sorta) to mark the colored squares that we all used to covet moving to next before our bratty sibling(s) could get there.

as SFist points out, they did change a few things: Queen Frostine is now Princess Frostine, and no more molasses swamp?! Whaaat?

Local University of California SF Children’s Hospital allowed groups of children to form colored teams to participate in a friendly game down the crooked street

there have been 49 million units of CandyLand sold since it’s inception and first production run in 1949.

This is for today, August 19th, only.

Written by kapshure

August 19, 2009 at 10:20 am

Posted in San Francisco

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