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It all started in 2004 when Frank Warren handed out 3,000 postcards to strangers and asked them to mail back anonymously a  secret that was not only true but had never been shared with anyone.

Later that year, after the first exhibit closed in Washington, D.C., the word spread quickly and he started receiving home made artistic postcards.

Now Frank receives nearly 1000 postcards a week, and has received overall nearly 250,000 postcards.

some were funny.

but many were not.

some were just down right insane.

im sure Johnny would be stoked on this.

His website www.postsecret.com has gotten over 100 200 million visits as each Sunday he posts new cards that are sent to him.

Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek is showing this for one more day if you have a chance to make it there. This is the only West Coast stop. Don’t sleep

flickr foto set here.

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April 18, 2009 at 11:25 am

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