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i’ve always liked the Audiffred Building that is located right at Mission and Embarcadero. It was originally built in 1889 by Hipolyte d’Audiffred to remind him of home -which was France.

Audiffred had made it to SF via Mexico (which we’ll come back to), and was smart enough to take into account why particular damage was done in the 1865, and the 1868 earthquakes; more importantly not to make those same mistakes architecturally.  Most of those structures that had survived the two 1860’s earthquakes were subsequently destroyed by fire.

The only reason that Audiffred survived the 1906 earthquake was because of booze. straight up.  The saloon keeper of the Bulkhead offered the dynamite/fire crew 2 quarts of whiskey EACH and a fire-hose cart full of wine to spare the building from being blown up to create a firebreak – and she was the only waterfront structure spared that day. They fought the fires for 3 days.  This building is listed on the National Register #79000528

this is just a look at the frieze on the Audiffred building.  John Geary and Samuel Brannan bought the lot that the Audiffred rests on for $850. It is said that Audiffred loaded up a donkey and walked here from Vera Cruz, Mexico, after the French invasion in Mexico didnt go so hot. he felt a bit uneasy being French after that escapade and bolted.

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April 3, 2009 at 9:28 pm

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