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[the camera is broke again, I was saving these pics from August 2008 for a possible interview with Deborah & Marcia (who owns this ride) but that never materialized — so let’s do this.]

introducing Donkey Frog, a ’71 Buick Riviera “Boattail”, ridin on a pair of  dem chrome tennis shoes

she actually started out white believe it or not.

Froggy’s exterior was done by House of Kolor and Kal Koncepts

i think the funniest thing about this pic below is, since it was taken on Friday before the rally, it was just parked right out front of the Fairmont for hours in broad daylight. I can only imagine what new Fairmont “well-to-doers” arriving for check-in must have thought when they saw this riser parked outside their 4-star hotel

Finally, here’s a pic on one of the owner’s phone showing a 30″ vs 24″ … pffft.

last but not least, here is Donkey Frog at a SEMA auto-show sporting the driver side with the rims you see above and the passenger side with these clear, polycarbonate compound rims that GE Polymershapes and Doug McGoon came up with – Doug runs MHT Wheels.  About 18 months ago these rims would run you about $25 -30K a piece. 


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March 23, 2009 at 10:25 pm

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