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:: Mobile Moon Pie and Mardi Gras ::

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Mobile’s historical associations with Carnival and Mardi Gras is steeped in tradition that spans over 300 years. Of course now an integral part of this celebration is the sugary Moon pie which became the centerpiece (and somewhat controversial topic) for this year’s New Years Eve celebration. Unfortunately, I was not able to make it to downtown’s New Year’s Eve bash, but I was able to get an early sneak peek at it which you see above.

This 12 foot, 600lb Moon Pie was spear headed by Councilman Fred Richardson in order to bring attention and raise awareness of Mobile’s unique cultural standings with its heritage. Richardson main reasons for launching this project:

“It cuts across economic status. It cuts across race. The Moon Pie brings people together,” he said.

Since Fat Tuesday isn’t that far away, I figured I would go ahead and give a shout to Joe Cain and Mobile Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras was first observed in the New World in 1703 near “Twenty-Seven Mile Bluff” which is technically Old Mobile, 27 miles up the Mobile River.

Joe Cain was responsible for bringing Mardi Gras back to Mobile in 1866, which had died out in 1855 due to rowdy violent krewes in the parades.

Mobile Carnival Museum headquarters on Government Blvd.

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