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Today was the 14th 15th!! anniversary of Santacon, originally sponsored by the San Francisco Cacophony Society, and at least 1000 Santas took over 3 areas of town today: The “Ho on Haight” covered Haight Street, “Mastrobation” focused on Mission and Castro, and finally the Klassik Kringle track which covers Fishermans Wharf and North Beach.

(Santas flask is big… gotta keep warm on the sleigh!)

I figured I would go where there would be maximum tourist shock factor and off to the Wharf I sprang this morning.

What can be said about Santacon? There’s lots & lots of Santas.

Departing Fishermans Wharf

sometimes as far as I can see …i just see Santa’s

Santas from above

Nothing can stop the RED TIDE! Ultimately this is split into 3 routes but merges later in the day — tonight at least close to 1000 Santiii converged into Yerba Buena Garden — (SFSanta tweets report terrorizing Westfield Mall and the Powell Street Cable car turnaround area)

Santa’s Agent force was definitely instrumental in keeping the Santa swarm from spilling into traffic, they assisted at crosswalks, and helped keep Santacon revelers from straggling off course.

Santa traffic helpers

Santas agents surround Mr. Chu — getting a briefing on the galaxies.

Santa agent helps maintain orderly conduct

Santa agent on guard at Pier 39

Santacon also has musical talent flowing abundantly through out it we found.

Banjo Santa

Santa Clarinet


naughty and nice list

Santa Franklin

Santa has to break sometime … “ohhh yehhhh right here behind this tree where no one can see me”

Santa Dodgeball .. some eggnog will take away the sting Santa.

Santa was even spotted in trees

Santa be pimpin’

da ho tag

Could it be Sa-a-a-a-atan

rowdy santa!

Ninja Santa

I caught Miss Claus choking the chicken

Santa got ice!! and gold apparently.

Santacon invades Hooters

“not quite sure what to make of it are yah?” — yeh us either.

hooters girl and Tranny Santa discuss some wings

more of Santa’s agents

Reindeer dawgie!

Tranny Santa

Santa Elves

Flickr set here

Written by kapshure

December 14, 2008 at 5:13 am

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