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yesterday we took a look at the flight to Columbia, CA, and some scenes from the town itself.

Columbia is located about 170km East of SF. In the year 1850, a small group of men made camp near the site where Columbia sits.

Columbia yielded $87 million in gold at 1860’s prices.

They found gold in this area and a rush followed quickly. By 1852 more then 150 stores were doing quite well amongst the thousands of miners now occupying the area.

By 1860 after the easy gold had been mined, the town’s dimunition had started. In 1945 Historical Columbia State Park was born.

anitque bottles .. you can read more on Columbia’s history here and here


Mount Diablo

I dig this shot. Not sure which bridge this is.

we need more of these.

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November 19, 2008 at 5:05 pm

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