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On Sunday we cruised up to the Ledson estate to soak up sum sun, wine and over 70 vintage and new Porsche’s as part of Ledson’s 9th annual Porsche at Palace event — which brought out the Porsche Club of America to handle judging. The sun was out in abundance, the wine was flowing, and we purred & drooled over sleek, svelte designs of Porsche’s past and present. I think for the whole group we were intensely vibing on the 50’s and 60’s coupes.

’55 Continental Coupe

Speaking of coupe’s, its the cream 1955 Continental Coupe you see above & below that I happen to take the most pics of, actually wound up winning the People’s Choice award. But there were many, many different awards as there are many different classes, up to 15 I believe. Some cars drive in, some are brought in on flatbeds.

trunk tool kit. have the original set of tools and them not covered in rust? booyah bonus points.

There are also different types of judging, such as: the exterior only, the exterior and edges of underbelly, frame, and up-in steering wheel column area, to the utmost scrutinous of them all, the exterior, plus the underbelly, interior, etc.

Porsche Club of America judges in action

’55 Continental interior

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October 1, 2008 at 2:51 pm

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