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:: Gumball 3000 Rally 2008 : pt 2 ::

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This is Gumball 3000 rally coverage part 2, for day 1 of the 2008 rally. The rally with 35 different nationalities amongst 121 cars, starts in SF and ends in Beijing – right in time for the finals at this years Olympics. Only slightly more than half of this years participants are actually making it to the Asia leg of this years rally.

Maserati GT

classic Ferrari Dino

Lambo on Lombard

Lamborghini with CB antennas

these guys were totally strapped in the electronics department.. GPS, weather, live cam stream, who knows

alfonso doing some crazy dance..

the driver was revving the engine for this shot.. of course

this Gumballer had on the same jacket as me, and we started joking around. I then noticed what he had on that I didn’t. ahem.

the Russian guys that push the Phantom… how gangsta in the matchin‘ track suits.

Ford GT cruising down Lombard with masked drivers

Classic ‘Vett

finally spotted the Tesla Roadster after looking fruitlessly for it earlier

camo’d BMW

this F430 Spider has police lights and siren installation that was pretty sneaky

dropped & waiting.

1967 Ford, Elanor from Gone in 60 Seconds

Ferrari Enzo

Enzo rear

RR x Gumball 3000 x Nixon

camo’d 360 Modena Spider

armor like Vitamin C on this Murcielago


$400K+ Porsche Carrera GT

The two Playmates (Team Blondes) that were going to be driving the Mercedes-McLaren SLR featured in the rear. There are 3 of them, the girls — triplets to be precise; guess the 3rd one was sick?

taken from inside the drivers orientation meeting Saturday morning (yup!)


like the matching orange calipers on this

this is Maximillion Cooper’s XJ220

Willie riding large in the Gumpert Apollo

this VW Samba has been retrofitted with a Carrera 3.2 engine

the taxi C6

Maximillion Cooper — the guy who started it all 10 years ago

Maybach 57 .. Gumball 3000 style (check out this Landaulet 62 also from Maybach, whom incidently may be calling it quits.)

the Fuel Girls with Frawggy

the Hoff giving interview while propped on KITT (which apparently didn’t make it all the way to L.A. on Saturday night due to mechanical issues).

Alfonso Ribiero and Joe Rogan in front of the Gumpert — wow everyone wanted to pose with this thing.

the skinny on the Gumpert Apollo (according to the driver standing to the left) is that this is the only Gumpert currently in the U.S. What you see before you is a production-demo that they themselves just got last week. The actual street release isn’t open to the public for another 2 weeks. This street legal car packs a 4.2 litre Audi V8 weighing in around 2400lbs and has a 6-speed sequential gearbox Formula1 style influencing. They just need to lift this sucker a few inches. it’s mad low.

baby on the ‘stang

this is part of the informational package you are given as a Gumball participant. For the Asia leg of the 2008 Gumball rally, there will be driving in China. So to assist with the interpretation of signs and general info — the Gumball staff had these handy image/sign translation cards on a ring made.

the Hoff trying to run us over!!

the Hoff says — YEAAHHHHHH!!!!


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