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On Sunday, a former coworker of mine invited me along for a $100 hamburger..($95 on fuel that is and $5 on food).. a nice afternoon flight over to Monterey to just gorge on lunch??? Count me in. Plus the visibility on Sunday was a great day to hit the skies. Monterey here we come!

She is just known as N4769T. A 4-seater Cessna R182 that will carry us to our destination. Time to wake her up.

First, we go over the checklist

E’erthing checked out.. lets go!

We cruise down towards the bottom of the Bay, over Foster City, towards Castle Rock State Park and over Santa Cruz..

we make it to Monterey pretty quick …total airtime was around 30 minutes

prepare to land…

Once in Monterey, we caught a cab towards a local fav spot for hamburgers.. however, after a quick few minutes in the taxi it was glaringly evident that our driver had no idea of where we were going — plus we weren’t helping the matter by not having a name, only an intersection. After a $25 cab that basically went in a circle.. we wound up at at a golf club.. sat outside, and had a $10 hamburger instead of the original $5 hamburger. We enjoyed the breeze and laughed at the golf players. I shoulda taken a pic of said hamburger but you know what that looks like.

The route back we decided to plunge up the coastline and swoop around by Golden Gate. You will have to come back tomorrow for the remainder of the pics…

but here’s a teaser of the Bay Bridge.. (if you haven’t picked up yet that my camera stinks, I ran outta juice mid-flight back and on sum pics had to resort to cellphone cam .. berdERp!)

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April 29, 2008 at 5:28 am

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