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Continuing from yesterday, we took a look at our recent expedition to Drawbridge, CA. After finally locating the right area, it’s a good 3 mile walk out to Drawbridge from Alviso.

By 1940 only 50 cabins remained, and San Jose had began to start pushing raw sewage into the sloughs which drove out fish and foul that had attracted men to the Drawbridge area in the first place. By 1955 the train didn’t stop in Drawbridge anymore, but could be flagged down. By 1967 Drawbridge consisted of only 25 people and by 1976 this dwindled to the last resident, Charlie Luce, who left in 1979, after his house was bought out by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Now Drawbridge and Station Island are a part of the SF Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

At one point there were at least a dozen gun clubs in the area: Gordon Gun Club (the first), Imperial Gun Club, Harbour View Gun Club, Precita Gun Club and more. Drawbridge had two distinct neighborhoods, divided by “Main Street”, which were the train tracks. Neither side got along. The North side admitted to being “cliquey” and the South felt the North end was pretty “stuck up”.

Drawbridge soon garnished a reputation for being a lawless area, where gun-toting gamblers hung, and prostitution was rampant. One small factor contributed to this notion: the county line between Alameda and Santa Clara went right through this area. Thus officials neither from Santa Clara nor from Alameda/Fremont wanted to cross Coyote Creek or Mud Slough into Drawbridge feeling that virtually everyone there was armed.

Written by kapshure

February 17, 2008 at 5:59 pm

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