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Tonight I was on the phone with a friend reminiscing about hanging out in nawleans, and I started perusing through some old pics. Being from the Gulf Coast my home town, Mobile, and New Orleans were both founded by two brothers, Iberville and Bienville, who had set out on a journey from France in 1698 to do some exploring. Bienville was actually the French Governor of Louisiana and they collectively founded Mobile in 1702.

Nevertheless, having been raised only a 2 hour drive from N.O. I spent a LOT of time there. I actually haven’t been since January of 2004, but have no doubt been to that city over a 100x.

Most people don’t know that Mobile started Mardi Gras — first Mardi Gras party went down in 1703 — which is really just a shoot off of Carnival. So there’s been some celebrations going on for 300+ years in the Gulf Coast area.

You can find scandalous party pics of the Big Sleasy at many spots on the web.. but here are just a few shots of the French Quarter primarily — although other neighborhoods in that city are culturally very rich.

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November 29, 2007 at 6:40 am

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