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Slight delay in getting these pix up from the fishing excursion my friends & I took on Monday, but better late than never.

First, a little plug for Captain Don who pilots the boat SoleMan — this guy was great. He totally loves to fish, and has a great sense of humor; plus his rates are pretty reasonable and he has the background experience to provide a great fishing expedition.

On with the show..

we started super early… as most any fishing trip does.. I love seeing the city in this time of the day — will do a separate post actually showing some pics specifically of this

We did a variety of fishing: shark, striper, and finally halibut.

I totally suck and didn’t catch anything (had some bites, but nothing to reel in).. however my friend did manage to snag a decent sized Leopard Shark –which of course we promptly cooked last night.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous on Monday; the SF-San Pablo Bay is just so scenic and NorCAL fishing in this area is known to be pretty good. We didn’t get out to the Farallon’s this time as the Fish & Game Department have closed Rock Cod season really early this year.

Captain Don said this boat below is actually almost a 100 yrs old. Craziness.

While we were out in San Pablo bay, we stumbled upon the East Brothers Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast inn/hotel/rock. I swear I have never seen this place before. I guess you could only spot it perhaps from the Richmond Bridge — but it’s totally something you can stay the night on (*cough*pricey*cough). Perhaps one day.

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October 4, 2007 at 5:48 am

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