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:: Central Coast : Chapter 4 : Morro Bay

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Morro Bay finds itself situated on the Mid-Coastal range of California, 1/2 way in between SF and LA. In the mid-16th century, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo stumbled upon 1 of 9 rock formations along the coast (which some say is the Gibraltar of the West) and named it Morro Rock … which got it’s name because he thought it looked like the head of a Moor. Ok. But it’s also Spanish for pebble. While considered a sacred site by the Chumash Indians, but also served as an important navigational tool for hundreds of years. Today it’s illegal to climb, except for the Chumash who are allowed to do this once a year for their annual Solstice. The area surrounding this rock was completely surrounded by water, until they filled the northern area with material from the rock itself to make the harbor. Now a working fishing village, is now home to some unique shops and great food & desserts down the Embarcadero of Morro Bay business waterfront. There was this taffy shop with 60 different items, I took a peek but held out and didn’t partake! Eh!

this place Giovanni’s has fresh food, right on the Embcadero, and I get the sense that it’s a huge local favorite. A lady in the line (who was originally a Bay Area native herself) said it’s always like this, get either the fish & chips or the clam chowder. I was headed for the C.C. mayne!

the working fishing dock was cool, but I didn’t get to see any hauls coming in.

only a few of these guys present, but weren’t phased at all by all the activity around them.

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September 8, 2007 at 10:20 pm

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