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:: 1849 Oysters at Kabuto ::

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Tonight I had the opportunity to partake in definitely the most unique, interesting, and possibly best sushi dinners I have eaten in this city. My friend & I had wanted to go to Ebisu, but it was closed. drats. So we started perusing a couple of sites to get ideas of what & where to eat. We spotted this listing for a place called Kabuto in the Outer Richmond. The name of the spot had a familiar ring to it — and I realized as we walked up I had always seen long lines here. Now I know why. The sushi there is ridiculous. However, the most stand out item was at the very end. A menu selection called 1849 Oyster. Presumably named for the gold flake that was positioned on top. Consisting of Sea Urchin (Uni), raw quail egg, and oyster, tobiko, then topped with the gold flake. At first sight, I won’t lie — I was rather alarmed, petrified and rattled all at the same time. Now aside from your undeniable reproach that you are feeling right now, all those feelings I had before I ate this item, vanished immediately after eating it. At first it was the ocean all at once on the palate. However, the contrasting flavors of the Uni, raw egg, and oyster appeared one by one.

all I can say is “daaYyYummm”

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August 27, 2007 at 3:26 am

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