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so.. it’s official. one of the biggest technology items to hit the streets in years was released in stores nationwide about 6 hrs ago, 6pm PDT. So far it has gained a lot of reviews — from the fanboys, the naysayers, and already new product accessories , apps directory search, and its already been gutted. beRderp won’t be getting one anytime soon –as I’m waiting on rev2.0 and am holding out for 3G.

anyways.. I decided Wednesday (and you’ll see by the pics).. that it would be funny to timeline the evolution of the line downtown in front of the Apple store on Stockton st.

so I started Thursday.. and there were already a couple of people there.. the first few guys in line were part of a 4-man team.. with guarantees to get 2 phones per person in line, they were each covered. this first photo was at about 11am.

Then I went back again right after work, and they had moved them on the other side of the sidewalk. At this point the line really hadn’t grown any.

Right after this shot above, I went to see Bob Saget at the Warfield (which by the way, if you ever get a chance to see him live.. DO IT! just don’t take your kids.. he is not the Danny Taylor or twerp you may remember from AFHV).. so at about 10:15pm.. I decided to stroll back over before going to Vessel to see my friend.. the line had grown, and some comic flair had been added.

This morning, right after getting off the bus, as I crossed the street towards the store front, I could see the news vans had already posted up

But the line had grown to 122 at 9:48am. No! I didn’t sit there and count them, but I provided the official time-stamp for an Apple employee who had just taken all their names and a headcount.

…haha! that’s right! the sign DOES say BerDerp! ;)

Definitely the face of the mobile industry has now been altered — which I think is great. Asia and Europe are so far ahead of us in terms of devices, mobile technology, market penetration, and integrated services, it will be good to see the dust and cobwebs shaken up a bit. The rest of 2007 and 2008 are going to be fun times for mobile gadget heads like myself.

Meanwhile today… while everyone was buying iPhone’s or trading their left kidney for one, AT&T was busy plopping down 2.8B in cash for Dobson Communications — who owned Cellular One — which adds another 1.7M users to their subscriber base of about 65M — my gosh they just posted 1.5B in revenue for Q1 2007. Go Ma’Bell

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June 30, 2007 at 5:56 am

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  1. good post. well done.

    why did that dude have a berderp sign?


    June 30, 2007 at 5:16 pm

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