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well.. it all started 4 years ago as a novel idea to do something different as my ex-coworker and I were both from the Durrrty-Durrty.. and well.. we longed for some down South flava out here in the Bay area.. so the 1st Crawfish ho’ down was born. This past Saturday, we crossed the 4th year mark. It’s gotten bigger and funkier as each year went by.

This year was no exception.. this time last week, the evite listing had grown to close to 200 people coming.. and we had extended the selection of food from last year to include much more catering from Cajun Pacific than the year before. The food breakdown:

and of course.. 4 kegs of good ol’ Miller and PBR (oh yeh, and my boy handed out around a 100 cans of Sofia’s)

The morning started off a total disaster…not only delaying us by a few hours but nearly obliterating the entire chance of the event’s success. SF has some of the most unpredictable weather out there. Wednesday it had been predicted 60% chance of rain — and it only rained till about 930 or 10am. Thursday was 90% chance and it didnt rain at all. Friday? gorgeous!..check. Sunday? of course gorgeous!..check. However…Saturday morning, as Aye~N & I were out at Crissy Field at 830am it was nothing short of brutal. We stood around in full goretex and rain suits waiting on the rain to pass over. Making jokes. Trying to stay calm. I tell you, it was a difficult few hours. I figured I was basically S.O.L. on the $$ I had shelled out which was WAY over a $1000. But around 11am the rain subsided and we got extremely lucky. The numbers started filling out and the day began……

..the night before we CLEANED out Safeway supplies of red potatoes.. and here is Aye~n’s freezer packed with corn

… the weather turned out gorgeous and this 60qt pot of crawfish is ready to GO!

…mmmm steaming crawfish.. and peeps gathered at our custom crawfish eating station

…everyone is diving in.. and look at ’em lined up.. just waiting and salivating for that next batch..

…crawfish and pigeons can have some fun too

… nothing but ‘taters left in this round.. and a local sportin’ his crawdaddiness..

.. i love the taste and the color of the corn set amongst the crawfish

.. I want to thank BunnyChick, Mitch and Becky for contributing to some of the pictures.. and to each and every person that came out and made the 4th annual Crawfish Ho’Down a success. Hope to see “all y’awl’s” out hurrr next year.

Written by kapshure

April 17, 2007 at 4:14 am

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  1. that pic with the pigeons is siiiiiick. i like it.


    April 18, 2007 at 2:33 am

  2. Awesome concept and perfect location…can’t wait. Hey, these daddies are spicy right? I like it when crawdaddies make my lips burn!


    April 26, 2008 at 12:18 am

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