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I’ve been doing lots of cleaning and down-sizing over the past several days and tonight I came across the autograph of none other, best known for his portrayal as local detective Harry Callahan, the venerable Mr. Clint Eastwood.

Several years ago I was with some friends in Tosca Cafe (one of the best bar’s in SF) when Eastwood and Forrest Whitaker came strolling in to put back a few drinks. I forget what they were in town celebrating for, but its not uncommon to have a star-studded crowd at this 40’s style bar: absurdily eclectic, decidedly retro, and just hands-down very San Francisco.

Nevertheless, they were there, and I got his autograph. He was very nice, but still very stark and in that calm character of his. For a guy who has acted in over 60 films, directed over 30, and produced over 20, you don’t have to like the man, but yah gotta respect him.

Fear lent him wings, as the saying goes …”

— Lt. Morris Schaffer (Where Eagles Dare/1968)

Written by kapshure

March 21, 2007 at 5:52 am

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