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Praline Time

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Tonight at my friend’s house we gobbled the last few pieces of pralines he had made a few days ago, and proceeded to prepare another batch with the leftover ingredients he had.

Now, many of you don’t know what a praline is, and that’s Ok. Southern Cooking 101 is now in session.

While this sugary confection originally started in 17th century France, the pecan-creamy version rose mainly out of the New Orleans area, and is simple & easy to make.

On another note, if you find yourself roaming around Nawleans, be sure to stop in to the Praline Connection

Praline Connection found in the French Quarter features some of the best down south creole-home-style cookin’ that you can find. period. Trust me on this one.

Written by kapshure

December 22, 2006 at 8:50 am

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